Content Literacy 101

Anticipation Guide (from Power Tools for Adolescent Literacy)

An anticipation guide generates interest in the reading and asks students to take a stand. It consists of a set of three to five statements pulled from the text; students read each statement, decide whether they agree or disagree with each statement, and write a response. You may also use questions instead of statements.

Why use it?
It introduces key ideas or major themes of the text, and helps students access their prior knowledge. Also, it sets a purpose for reading and provides a structure for re-reading and supporting conclusions.
(This strategy is very useful for controversial texts or ones with opposing perspectives.)

How do I use it?
1. Read the text and identify the major concept(s), and create or pull statements that will challenge what readers know or believe.

2. Introduce the Anticipation Guide, and ask students to read each of the following statements and circle whether they agree or disagree with each one.

3. Ask students to write the reasons for their position on each statement in the boxes.

4. Ask the students to read the text and use the form to take notes.

5. After reading, ask the students to return to the form and respond to the column on the left by marking their positions and their reasons for agreeing or disagreeing.

6. Facilitate a class discussion, and compare the before and after responses.

7. As closure, ask the students to write a summary of what they learned from the reading and from the discussion.

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