Content Literacy 101

Accessible Texts 

(From Do I Really Have to Teach Reading?)

"Accessible text has become the cornerstone of my curriculum. When I use text that is interesting, well-written, and appropriately matched to the level of my students, my life as a teacher gets easier. Accessible texts can come in a variety of forms. It is not 'low level' or 'dumbed down.' Most of the time, it is of high interest, but often it is found in contexts outside of school. It doesn't have a controlled vocabulary, and it usually doesn't come out of a textbook. "
"A lot of my accessible text comes from newspapers and magazines. It is timely, well-written, and short. Often is can be read in one sitting or in a class period. Accessible text helps students make a connection between school subjects and the real world because it helps them experience reading that is done in the real world [emphasis added]." 

Types of Accessible Texts: